Choose your fuel

It's all about balance

Protein. In its many different tastes and textures, it’s the foundation of any meal. This is fact - grounded in the results of numerous scientific studies, we know protein plays a key role in virtually every cellular function of the body. A fundamental consideration in designing our menu was the capability to offer healthy, straightforward dishes that work within your personal dietary ethos. Vegans, Vegetarians, Pescatarians, Flexitarians and animal protein fans will all be satisfied. Dishes are inspired by global cuisines and use ingredients that fuse great nutritional benefits with unparalleled taste and a consideration for animal welfare.

It's all about taste

Our objective is to create great tasting food, underpinned by seasonality, provenance and the principles of food ethics and animal welfare.

It's all about health

We count your macros for you, so you know exactly what you’re eating. Not only this, we are highly conscious of toxins so we always go highest welfare possible. Hand selected ingredients are standard for us, we only choose products that are excellent quality. No hidden surprises, it’s all here.

It's all about you

Our menu is designed to fit your dietary ethos. We think outside the box to make protein - a vital nutrient of the utmost importance to our health - fun, easy, interesting and delicious. TPK offers food designed to support your wellness and fitness goals. This is not your tin of tuna / bland protein shake variety of protein. This is the next generation, an evolution of what you knew as ‘healthy food’ - TPK is woke fitness food at its finest.

It's all about location

Delivering across London